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Spam now accounts for about two-thirds of all email. It costs most email users at least 15 minutes a day. Research shows that spam costs companies $400-800 per mailbox every year. And these costs are growing.

Permission-based email management is the only thing that actually solves, or ever will solve, the spam problem. (To learn more, read our whitepaper.) It is 100% effective, and ChoiceMail makes it available to you now.

With ChoiceMail, you will never get another piece of unwanted email because a message can reach your inbox in one of only four ways:

  • It is from someone on your whitelist
  • It is from a new sender whose registration request you accepted
  • It matches a permission rule you created
  • It is from a domain that is on your accepted domain list.
  • You approved it manually

In short, if an email is in your box, it’s because you want it there. ChoiceMail transfers the burden of dealing with email messages from people you don't know back to where they belong– the senders. Learn more and get your FREE trial for home or business!

Why ChoiceMail
ChoiceMail Enterprise is sometimes not sending challenge messages out

This article applies to ChoiceMail Enterprise only.

If you think that the challenge mail is not going out - please first make sure that both ChoiceMail services are running. If the SMTP Service (the bottom one on the ChoiceMail Control Panel) is not running please start it up. It may take a long time for ChoiceMail to catch up with previous requests and clear the queue out if this was the case so please wait at least 24 hours before you try the test again.

If both services were running please go to the \\Queue folder under the main CME folder and then to the \\cm subfolder.

You should see some directories in there. Each directory will represent one domain name and in the directory you should find files that are messages waiting to be sent out. All of these are challenge messages waiting to be sent out and most (95% or so) will be invalid addresses. It is normal to have thousand or more domain names in there, but if you have 5000+ you may have had a problem with your networking.

If this is the case - please do the following.

1) STOP the ChoiceMail server and the ChoiceMail SMTP service
2) RENAME the \queue\cm\ folder to something else - "cm-old" for example
3) Start up the ChoiceMail SMTP service AND the ChoiceMail service.
4) Remove your test addresses from the sender list and retry - see if that fixes the problem.

If this does not help...

Each message is comprised of two files. One file is the .MSG file which is the actual message - the other one is the corresponding .NFO file that contains the information about the message.

Open the information file in notepad and take a look at the attempt count and reason for failure. Please report back what you found and we will go from there.

If none of the above applies ...

Please take a look at your unknown sender list. Do you see the email address there? If soe - what kind of icon does it have? Any red emblems? Move your mouse over the little icon and see what the pop up text says. If the sender is marked as spam for example - it may be that you set Reverse DNS record checking too high or you have a rule that is marking senders as spam. Strong SPF check or invalid SPF on the sender's part may trigger this as well.


What our users say:

I have used several spam filters but the most effective one I have run into is ChoiceMail One.

Roger S.


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